– Permanent Committee Secretary : Eric Badouel, Inria {eric.badouel@inria.fr}

– Coordination: Laura Norcy, Inria, {laura.norcy@inria.fr}

 – Organisation CARI-2018: Bruce Watson, {bwwatson@sun.ac.za}

– Website: Mokhtar Sellami, Labged, {sellami@cari-info.org}

– Numerical sciences for biology and complex systems: Nabil Gmati and Christophe Lett {nabil.gmati@enit.rnu.tn, nabil.gmati62@gmail.com, christophe.lett@ird.fr}

–   Formal methods for computing systems: Bruce Watson and Bernd Fischer {bwwatson@sun.ac.za, bfischer@cs.sun.ac.za}

 – Images, signal, networks and large scale systems: César Viho, Thomas Djotio, and Abderrahmane Sbihi {sbihi@ensat.ac.ma, tdjotio@gmail.com, cesar.viho@irisa.fr}

 –   Scientific computation and parallelism: Denis Trystram {denis.trystram@imag.fr}

 – Knowledge extraction, organisation and Artificial Intelligence: Mathieu Roche, Mokhtar Sellami, and Philippe Lemoisson {philippe.lemoisson@cirad.fr, sellami@cari-info.org, mathieu.roche@cirad.fr}


– Jean-François LANCELOT, AUF

– Ludovic Rifford, CIMPA

– Joël SOR, CIRAD –

– Eric BADOUEL, Inria

– Christophe LETT, IRD

 – Raft RAZAFINDRAKOTO (2012), ESPA, Université d’Antananarivo, Madagascar

– Nabil GMATI (2012),  ENIT / LAMSIN, Tunis, Tunisie

– Idrissa KABORE (2012), Université de Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

– Moussa LO, Saint-Louis, Sénégal (2014)

– Ahmed MOUSSA, Tanger, Maroc (2014)

– Georges LOUM, Côte d’Ivoire (2016)

– Marcellin NKENLIFACK, Cameroun  (2016)

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