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0  Foreword, Programme Committee and Reviewers
1 A multi-seasonal model of the dynamics of banana plant-parasitic nematodes. 
Israël Tankam Chedjou, Suzanne Touzeau, Frédéric Grognard, Ludovic Mailleret, Jean Jules Tewa
1 – 12
2 Viral dynamics of a delayed HIV-1 infection model with both virus-to-cell and cell-to-cell transmissions, and CTL immune response delay. 
Martin Luther Mann Manyombe, Denis Fils Nkoa Onana, Joseph Mbang, Samuel Bowong
13 – 24
3 Electrocardiograms patterns analysis using Artificial Neural Network and non-linear regression. 
Abdoul-Dalibou Abdou, Ndeye Fatou Ngom, Oumar Niang
25 – 32
4 A spatio-temporal model for phenomena dynamics based on 2D Diffusion equations
Samuel Ismael Billong IV, Georges-Edouard Kouamou, Thomas Bouetou
33 – 42
5 Validation of a Lagrangian model using trajectories of oceanographic drifters. 
Hilaire Amemou, Vamara Koné, Philippe Verley, Christophe Lett .
43 – 53
6 Modelling and control of coffee berry borer infestation. 
Yves Fotso, Frédéric Grognard, Berge Tsanou, Suzanne Touzeau
54 – 63
7 Operating diagram of a flocculation model in the chemostat. 
Radhouane Fekih-Sale, Tewfik Sari
64 – 72
8 How do variations in water levels affect Predator–prey interactions.
Ali Moussaoui, Kheira Belkhodja
73 – 83
9 Time series homogenization, case of monthly temperature series of the northern part of Madagascar. 
Bruno Bakys Ralahady, André Totohasina
84 – 95
10 Coupling Discontinuous Galerkin method and integral representation for solving Maxwell’s system
Anis Mohamed, Nabil Gmati, Stéphane Lanteri
96 – 103
11 Split-convexity method for image restoration. 
Hamdi Houichet, Anis Theljani, Badreddine Rjaibi, Maher Moakher
104 – 110
12 Discontinuous Galerkin method: from classical to isogeometric
Asma Gdhami, Maher Moakher, Regis Duvigneau
111 – 119
13 Dynamic resource allocations in virtual networks through a knapsack problem’s dynamic programming solution. 
Vianney Kengne Tchendji, Kerol Roussin Donteu Djoumessi, Yannick Florian Yankam
120 – 131
14 Secure and Energy-Efficient Geocasting Protocol for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks. 
Vianney Kengne Tchendji, Blaise Paho Nana, A. Yvan Guifo Fodjo
132 – 141
15 A Survey on e-voting protocols based on secret sharing techniques. 
Wafa Neji, Kaouther Blibech, Narjes Ben Rajeb
142 – 153
16 Survey of Internet of Things Applications in Smart Agriculture.
Salim Chikhi, Badreddine Miles
154 – 164
17  Images as sequences of points of an elliptic curve. 
Cidjeu Djeuthie Diderot, Tieudjo Daniel
165 – 172
18 Novel approach to maximize the lifetime of Wireless sensor networks. 
Fatima Es-sabery, Abdellatif Hair
173 – 181
19 Interfaces of roles in distributed collaborative systems. 
Eric Badouel, Rodrigue Aimé Djeumen Djatcha
182 – 193
20  ε -TPN: definition of a Time Petri Net formalism simulating the behaviour of the timed grafcets. 
Médésu Sogbohossou, Antoine Vianou
194 – 205
21 Model-checking on grafcets through translation into time Petri nets. 
Médésu Sogbohossou, Bernard Berthomieu
206 – 217
22 Adjustment module to improve auto-adaptiveness of flood forecasting Systems. 
Tanzouak Vaumi Joël Paulin, Omer Blaise Yenke. Ndiouma Bame, Idrissa Sarr
218 – 225
23 Building ego-community based on a non-closed neighborhood. 
Ahmed Ould Mohamed Moctar, Idrissa Sarr
226 – 235
24 An Improved version of Lambda Architecture 
Miguel Landry Foko Sindjoung, Alain Bertrand Bomgni, Elie Tagne Fute, Justin Chendjou
236 – 244
25 A parallel pattern-growth algorithm. 
Kenmogne Edith Belise
245 – 256
26 Towards a hybrid model of semantic communities detection. 
Félicité Gamgne Domgue, Norbert Tsopze, René Ndoundam, Arnaud S. R. M. Ahouandjinou
257 – 264
27 Generic heuristic for the mnk-games. 
Abdel-Hafiz Abdoulaye, Ratheil Houndji, Eugène Ezin, Gael Aglin
265 – 275
28  Scaling the ConceptCloud Browser to Large Semi-Structured Data Sets. 
Joshua Berndt, Bernd Fischer, Arina Britz
276 – 283